Shame's Prisoner

Image of Shame's Prisoner


An inspirational and practical guide - the first of its kind - to help parents, students and teachers understand the less talked about emotional side of learning disabilities (LD). In Shame’s Prisoner, Cindy Lumpkin, a special education teacher who experienced the struggles of growing up with a learning disability first hand, draws attention to and increases our understanding of how the shame of having a learning disability can impact a student’s self-worth even more than the academic challenges LD causes. An overcomer who has learned to strive in spite of her learning differences, Cindy offers tips and academic strategies for ultimate student success. Shame’s Prisoner is a brilliant, compassionate work that details Cindy’s experiences being educated in a public school special education program with essential insights crucial for parents, educators, and students on learning to embrace who they are, overcoming the academic effects of learning disabilities and becoming a self-advocate.